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You only get one shot at life, Make It Count.

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Do You Crave Freedom Or Certainty? Greatness or Comfort?

I spent 8 years in finances at 2 major firms. Before that at 19 I even worked at a satellite office when the mafia took over Wall street, the office was in the Wolf Of Wall Street. I worked on Wall street until 9/11. I never made it in that day from Brooklyn. My good friend was in the towers when the planes hit. That's the day everything changed for me. I pursued my passions. 15 years in creative entrepreneur business - streets, books and sketch pads. I've produce content and creative for some of the biggest launches in fitness, launched 2 top 5 marketing businesses for martial art schools and help entrepreneurs get out of the matrix. It's time to take back your life and to stop being part of the grind that wants to keep you down.

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I am an Artist, Writer, Illustrator, Producer, Film Maker, Photographer and Creative Thinker. Husband, Family Man and Owner of 4 fierce Chihuahua's. Connect with me on these social networks:

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Who I am, and why I want to help you succeed.

If you are reading this I have to believe that at some point you questioned what the hell you are doing on this planet.

Why are you here? What is your purpose. I did for a long time. I spent almost a decade working a job I hated because society said that's what I have to do. All the while my heart burned and screamed with creativity that needed to be unleashed. But there was a problem. I didn't want to make 50k a year as a graphic designer. Really I wanted to make that in a month, no a week. But how? Society tells you you need to be a certain way. I didn't buy it.

These readings, writings, prolific poetic cacophonies of mental musical ramblings are the thoughts and ideals of someone who has devoted their existence to becoming free mentally, emotionally, and financially. Without the constraints of what society tells you you need to be.

"You are not weak, you are just not prepared."

"Chris Perilli is a genius when it comes to creativity and branding."

- Alan Belcher - Former UFC Fighter and Business Coach

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